By Teri DiMarino, IPG, NDGAA & ISCC

Pet grooming is an occupation where learning never stops. Schooling gives you basic skills, but continued education is a must if a groomer is going to thrive. With over 200 registered purebred dog breeds and countless types of mix breeds and felines, all in need of grooming, it is imperative that a groomer keeps up with industry trends and techniques. Without outside input, a groomer’s life can become boring and dull. When this happens, burnout is not far behind. 

Attending trade shows and seminars or reading available publications helps nurture growth and potential. We never know it all! It is our duty to our clients, and to ourselves, that we keep abreast of everything we possibly can within the industry. Pet grooming is an unregulated industry. It is up to us to continue our exposure and education. But not all education is restricted to our grooming tables. We must remember that we are in the business of pet grooming and we all must keep a finger on the pulse of the business side if we are to succeed. 

Memberships in professional organizations are one way in which we can expand our knowledge and awareness. National, state, and local associations offer insight not only to the style and safety side of pet grooming, but they stand as sentry watchdogs for us all. 

The California Professional Pet Groomers Association, Inc. was formed in 2013 in response to legislative actions taking place within the state that could have crippled the California pet grooming industry. It was the threat of this potentially damaging legislation that brought us together as a group. From meager beginnings, the CPPGA has grown into a model organization, helping other states unite and form cohesive entities within their states. 

The CPPGA has matured into an organization that supports continued education and enhanced competence. Membership in an association, such as the CPPGA, carries a recognition that customers appreciate. It tells them that their pet is being cared for by someone who is on top of the latest industry developments. The CPPGA Code of Ethics outlines how their groomer feels about their job and how the pets will be treated by these groomers. 

While the CPPGA supports all California groomers, membership in the association does have its advantages. In addition to the standard membership items members receive for their initial fee:  a personalized plaque, frameable Code of Ethics, CPPGA pin and a window decal to name just a few. Current members are listed in the website Membership Directory. This Directory is viewable to the pet-owning public who may be looking for a CPPGA member groomer in their area. The CPPGA also sponsors PetTech CPR and First Aid classes and other educational events which are discounted to registered members. The American Kennel Club’s S.A.F.E Groomer Certification is also available to members at a special price. The CPPGA also has a well-attended Facebook Group where we keep groomers up to date on the latest industry news.

The CPPGA supports continued education from all organizations and lists as many upcoming events as possible on their website: Membership in the Association is available to bona fide professional pet groomers. Initial registration is $60 with a $40 per year annual renewal. The CPPGA is a non-profit, tax exempt 501(c)6 association. 

We invite all California groomers to join us in our efforts.