Artero Nature Collection Medium Ultra Soft Slicker
Artero Nature Collection Medium Ultra Soft Slicker

Artero Nature Collection Medium Ultra Soft Slicker

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The Artero Super Soft Slicker Nature Collection Medium P968 bamboo brush is an indispensable tool. Suitable for keeping the hair of dogs and cats free of knots, loose and with volume. Thanks to its flexibile pins, it separates the hair strands without damaging the pet's skin.

Ergonomic bamboo handle brush with an ideal fit, making it easy to manoeuvre.
Integrated with an Air Cushion system, which allows the metal pins to cover a larger area while protecting the integrity of the hair.
Long flexible pins to protect the skin, avoiding scratches and superficial wounds.
Ideal for small breed dogs and cats.

Directions of Use

This Slicker for dogs and cats should be used regularly, i.e. at least every other day. This prevents the coat from becoming extremely dirty or creating annoying knots due to mud or humidity. Its continuous use provides a unique shine to the pet's coat.

It is also essential to verify that the size of the head is correct for the pet.
Conditioning the coat prior to brushing will help the brush to glide over the coat and avoid rubbing the hair.
Use with care, preferably starting with the back or hind legs. You can also start at the top of the head.
Brushing with this pet brush should last at least 10 minutes and extend to all parts of the body. If there are persistent knots, then treat insistently, but always without causing damage to the skin.
Use this bamboo slicker in the direction of hair growth, never in the opposite direction.