Artero Nature Collection Stripping Knife_03

Artero Nature Collection Stripping Knife_03

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The Artero de-shedding blade is ideal for the stripping technique.

Its main features include:

- It has a concave blade for more ergonomic work.
- It is ideal for final de-shedding during commercial grooming and exhibitions with dog breeds with coarse and hand-stripped hair.
- It is made of high-quality materials, such as durable and eco-friendly bamboo.
- The blade is made of a high-end stainless steel alloy that is both sturdy and lightweight.
- It has fine teeth, perfect for removing intermediate hairs that spoil a good finish.

Directions for using the stripping blade
Here are some tips for using this blade for dogs:

- Hold the fur with the hand that is not doing the stripping work, gripping a section of hair between the thumb and the blade of the tool, which should be at a 90-degree angle to the skin, and pull the hair from the root in the direction of its growth, detaching it. 
- Do not pull upwards or against the grain of the hair. If necessary, use the other hand to gently tighten the skin and allow the blade to move smoothly in the area being worked on. The hand should follow the dog's body line, with the wrist straight to avoid breaking the hair.

Instructions for using the de-shedding blade

Here are some tips for using this blade for dogs:

- Hold the coat with the hand that does not hold the blade. Present the teeth of the blade at a 30-degree angle to the skin and slide it in the direction of hair growth, applying moderate pressure. Repeat the process several times on the same spot and all over the surface being worked on.
- If the blade constantly gets stuck and is difficult to slide without applying much pressure, it should be replaced with one that has more spaced-out teeth, removing the denser ones and opting for blades with narrower gaps between teeth.