Artero Nature Collection Stripping Knife_07

Artero Nature Collection Stripping Knife_07

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The bamboo stripping knife is perfect for stripping hair on long coats and using the stripping technique.

Among other qualities, it features the following:

-It is made with high quality materials, such as bamboo cane for the handle, which provide excellent ergonomics and durability.

-The blade is made of stainless steel, which provides great strength and supports long periods of continuous work.

-Includes medium teeth that provide a regular stripping.

-It has a convex blade, to support the thumb.

-It has dimensions of approximately 0.98" x 5.9"

-It is presented in a recyclable cardboard packaging.

How to use the knife for stripping:

Here are some tips for the use of this blade for dogs:

-Hold the coat with the hand that is not doing the stripping work, hold a strand of hair between the thumb and the blade of the blade, which should be at 90° to the skin, and pull on the tip of the hair and in the direction of hair growth, detaching it from the root.

-Do not pull upward or against the hair fiber. If necessary, use the other hand to gently tighten the skin and allow the blade to glide smoothly over whatever area is being worked on. The hand should follow the line of the dog's body, with the wrist straight to avoid breaking the coat.

How to use the desilvering blade.

Here are some tips for the use of this dog blade:

-Hold the coat with the hand that does not have the blade. Present the teeth of the blade at 30º with respect to the skin and slide it in the direction of hair growth, exerting moderate pressure. Repeat the process several times on the same point and around the entire surface to be worked.

-If the blade is constantly slowing down and it is not difficult to slide it without exerting too much pressure, change to a blade with teeth spaced further apart, eliminating the highest density and ending with blades with teeth that are closer together. Benefits of this blade for hard coated dogs

This stripping blade provides several advantages for the coat of dogs with hard and difficult coats.

These include the following:

It is recommended to use Artero's bamboo dog blade on wire-haired breeds instead of cutting with scissors.