Artero Nature Collection Super Soft Brush
Artero Nature Collection Super Soft Brush

Artero Nature Collection Super Soft Brush

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This bristle brush for pets is perfect for brushing fine pet hair, such as dogs or cats. Among other features, it stands out for the following:

-It is made with top quality materials, since it has a very resistant bamboo handle, with a flexible rubber pad.
-It is ergonomic, as its handle easily adapts to the needs of the user.
-Includes stainless steel spikes for greater durability.
-It comes presented in a recyclable cardboard packaging.
-It has a double air loss hole in the rubber pad to adapt its movement to the way we are brushing.
-It has approximate measurements of 24 x 6 cm and a 25 mm spike.

How to use this bristle brush for pets
It is recommended to follow these guidelines when using this bamboo brush for pets:

-Condition and groom the dog's or cat's coat and skin by spraying a small amount of leave-in conditioner into the coat before brushing.
-With short and slow movements, brush the animal from the neck to the tail in the direction in which the fur grows.
-If tangles or knots are found in the dog's coat, work on them individually with the brush. Remember to use soft and short movements to detangle.
-Once the back of the dog has been brushed from neck to tail, continue with the same method with the sides and stomach. Be sure to pause and untangle any tangles or mats with the buffing brush.
-Knotcutters. If there are tangles of hair that the brush cannot remove with a gentle pull, it is advisable to cut them with a Knot Clipper.
-Expensive. Because the brush has metal bristles, use it with caution on the face. It can also be used on long beards and tangles can be brushed out without fear of damaging the skin.

Among the benefits of brushing the dog's or cat's coat with this brush, we find the following:

-Regular brushing prevents the formation of hair knots. These can cause serious skin problems by painfully pulling and pinching the dog's or cat's skin coat. Also, they can hide some parasites, such as fleas.
-Brushing keeps the dog or cat cooler. Dogs with undercoats should keep their fur from rubbing against the skin to allow airflow and stay cool.
- Regular brushing builds the bond between the human and his pet.
-It also helps detect any unusual aspects, such as sores or wounds.
-Frequent brushing keeps the animal's skin and coat healthy. Likewise, it helps distribute the dog's natural oils throughout the coat, keeping its coat shiny.
-Using this pet bristle brush reduces hair loss at home.