BlackWing Farms Brave Spray 2oz

BlackWing Farms Brave Spray 2oz

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Thanks to a friend who asked for his Brave Balm in a spray - Because he loved the effects the essential oils had on his entire family including his German Shepherd - his quadruple purpose canine - We now have BRAVE BALM in a SPRAY! 

Formulated for Dogs & Horses suffering the effects from abandonment and direct abuse, this blend has profound effects on anyone who comes into contact with it. Everyone from the Animal Control Officers, First Responders, & Rescuers to the caring foster families and caregivers who tirelessly continue to do their jobs providing for the mentally, emotionally & physically wounded. Kudos - this one is for you! 

Essential oils for animals are all therapeutic-grade, gathered from the highest quality companies around the world, carefully researched, taking years of development until we think our final result is perfect! Oils used in Brave Balm sprays are: West Indies Bay, Peru Balsam,Bergamot, Bay Laurel and a drop of Lime. Not for Cats or Children. We have Flower Essences for them!