BlackWing Farms Courage 2oz

BlackWing Farms Courage 2oz

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Establish Partnerships Based on Trust. Dissolve Old Fears, Past Trauma and Negative Memories. Flower Essence blend of Angel’s Trumpet for optimism, Pine for self-confidence, Star Tulip for sensitivity, Star of Bethlehem for past trauma, and Clover for trust.

Proven to help animals plagued by uncontrollable negative behaviors including panic and fear consequently shutting down mentally and emotionally. Unpredictable behavior(s) makes these animals dangerous or, at the very least, extremely unhappy.

COURAGE and TRUST gives an inner-strength and steadfastness where circumstances cease to be threatening. Flower essences replace negative experiences and memories as the animal is now accepting of its immediate surroundings, not reacting from previous traumatic experience(s). He regains control by recognizing there is no threat and he is safe and secure at this time allowing him to move forward with control, confidence and COURAGE.

Who uses it? Puppy mill puppies (and adults), Feral Cats, 'Fraidy Cats, wild Dogs, captured Mustangs, slaughterhouse survivors with trust issues. You do not have to have these extreme behaviors in your backyard or living room to benefit from this amazing blend. Common behavior problems include reacting negatively to kind gestures, general confusion, and insecurity.

One sanctuary in Utah had 2 feral dogs no one had been able to touch IN 6 YEARS. "After 5 days of adding COURAGE to the water and food, the dogs started to slow a bit when running past the caregivers. Within a few days, the dogs slowed to a trot and eventually slowed enough to gently take a treat from human hands. It only took 2 more weeks for them to trust us enough to touch them - HUMAN TOUCH for the very first time in all these years. We nicknamed this amazing blend: liquid courage!"