Davis De-Shed Plus Cat Shampoo Gallon

Davis De-Shed Plus Cat Shampoo Gallon

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Helps reduce shedding and hairballs

  • Loosens packed in undercoat and hair during bathing
  • Removing the loosened hair helps reduce hairballs
  • Creates a shiny coat
  • Light herbal fragrance 

Davis De-Shed Plus Shampoo for cats helps reduce excess seasonal and nonseasonal shedding and helps prevent hairballs in cats. It works by loosening the coat during the bathing process, allowing shedding hair to slip into the tub instead of on your bed, clothes, furniture, and floors. Packed in undercoat and loose hair release easily helping to reduce the amount of hair ingested during self-grooming, which means less hairballs and stress for your cat. Enhanced with panthenol, protein and amino acids, this ultra-rich formula fortifies and strengthens overworked or damaged hair and creates a smooth, silky coat that is less likely to shed. Use Davis De-Shed Plus Shampoo on a regular basis to maintain your cat's coat and decrease shedding as shedding is a naturally occurring process that cannot be completely eliminated.