Holiday Hug Pet Cologne

Holiday Hug Pet Cologne

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Holiday Hug

With notes of creamy vanilla, smooth caramel, spicy ginger, and cozy Indian Chai Spice, Holiday Hug is sure to evoke comfort, warmth, and serenity for you and your pet this holiday season!

  • A FRAGRANCE YOU AND YOUR CLIENTS WILL LOVE: This warm scent is amazing at controlling pet odor between baths, giving the coat a fresh, clean aroma that lasts for weeks without it being overpowering to you or the dog's keen nose.
  • EASY TO USE SPRAY: Say goodbye to messy oily sprays that leave residue on the coat for good! Spritz lightly as a finishing touch for your just-groomed pet, making sure to avoid sensitive areas.
  • GENTLE AND SAFE: The dog's safety is something we take great pride in and take extra care of during manufacturing.
  • ETHICAL GUARANTEE: Made in the USA with sustainable ingredients that are non-toxic and 100% cruelty-FREE, fully recyclable, and eco-friendly materials.

Holiday Fragrance

FUN FACT: Holiday Hug Pet Cologne is inspired by Hygge (pronounced: hoo-guh), the Danish word for a mood of coziness, comfortable conviviality, and contentment.