Kelco DeMat Spray 11oz

Kelco DeMat Spray 11oz

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DE-MAT SPRAY™ is RTU (ready to use) leave-in conditioner.  A hydrous conditioner and mat eliminator with UV blockers.  DE-MAT SPRAY™ decreases grooming time while repelling dust and urine.  DE-MAT SPRAY™ leaves the coat smooth and shiny without leaving the coat oily.  DE-MAT SPRAY™ is specially formulated to eliminate mats and tangles. DE-MAT SPRAY™ contains silk extract and conditioners that help protect the hair shaft during brush out when breakage and damage occurs.   

DIRECTIONS: HIGHLY CONCENTRATED.  FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY.  For best results: Apply to wet clean coat, lightly mist DE-MAT SPRAY™ over coat.  Proceed with normal grooming procedures.  For matted fur: Mist directly onto the mat.  Use sparingly.  Gently comb out.  Wash coat and follow directions “For best results”.  Store undiluted product in a cool dry place.

Made With: DI Water, Silicone (water-soluble), Rosehips, Silk extract, and Vitamin E.