Kelco Fresh Scent Cologne 11oz

Kelco Fresh Scent Cologne 11oz

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How do you make your pet smell better?  Freshen them up with Kelco™ Fresh Scent Cologne.

FRESH SCENT COLOGNE™ is a purple-colored extra-long lasting fresh scented spray.  This sophisticated fragrance will leave a refreshing long-lasting scent and can be used as a refresher cologne for those times in between grooming appointments.  FRESH SCENT COLOGNE™ can be diluted with water for a more delicate aroma. Formulated for dogs, cats, horses, puppies, kittens, ferrets, and farm animals.

Directions: Highly Concentrated, Professional Use Only.  For best results: Shampoo hair first.  Make sure all the conditioner has been thoroughly rinsed from the coat and allowed to dry.  Always use a sprayer or atomizer.  Lightly mist over coat and allow to dry.  For white hair: Cologne should be diluted.  Dilute with water as desired.

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