Nature's Choice Bravo Cologne 11oz

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Bravo Cologne™  has a spicy, warm scent.  BRAVO is the natural choice for your friendly family pet companion who charms and captivates all and sees life as one adventure after another.  Bravo Cologne is a sporty, spicy scent for your cherished four legged friend.  Let your pet know you appreciate them and applaud them... with Bravo Cologne™

DIRECTIONS: Highly Concentrated, Professional Use Only. For best results: Shampoo hair first. Make sure all the conditioner has been thoroughly rinsed from the coat and allowed to dry. Always use a sprayer or atomizer. Lightly mist over coat and allow to dry. For white hair: Cologne should be diluted. Dilute with water as desired.

With a sporty, musk scent and its warm spice fragrance, your pet will walk proud with this nice masculine scented cologne. RTU