Tool Klean Salon Tool Sanitizer White
Tool Klean Salon Tool Sanitizer White
Tool Klean Salon Tool Sanitizer White

Tool Klean Salon Tool Sanitizer White

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Protect the health of your clients, whether people or pets! The Tool Klean Hot Cup Salon Tool Sanitizer allows you to quickly and conveniently sanitize metal tools using dry liquids, harmful chemicals, or messes.

The Choice of Professionals

The Tool Klean Pro Hot Cup Sanitizer is trusted by salon owners, groomers, barbers, estheticians, and other professionals to sanitize scissors, tweezers, nail tools, eyelash tools, eyebrow tools, dog grooming tools and other metal salon utensils that can collect and spread bacteria, viruses, and fungus if not properly sanitized between uses. It uses high, dry heat, scientifically proven to destroy germs. No liquids or chemicals are used.

Protect Yourself and Your Clients

The sanitizer consists of a hot metal pot filled with glass beads that are heated to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. The dry heat radiates through any metal object placed inside the cup, even the parts that aren’t touching the beads, destroying pathogens. The sanitizer has been proven and laboratory certified to kill 99.999% of the most difficult-to-kill bacteria (staph and salmonella) within 3 minutes.

Sanitizing Salon Tools Should be Easy

With the anti-microbial sanitizing hot cup there are no liquids, no chemicals, and no mess. Turn the switch on, wait 15 minutes until the indicator light shows it’s ready, then place your metal tools inside, leaving the lid open. (Metal utensils only, no plastic.) In 3 minutes the tools will be sanitized, helping keep you and your clients safe and healthy!